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What is DNA testing about

What is this DNA testing about?

Woah hold on! I know it sounds more sci-fi than science but it’s true….no not like the blood type diet! Scientifically researched genetic testing

Scientific advances have now made genetic testing available to the public. Like have you ever wondered about how someone that can eat a high fat diet and have no problem with their cholesterol while someone else can do the exact same thing and their cholesterol levels be through the roof.

This is where nutrigenetics comes in – showing us why individuals respond differently to the same nutrients. And secondly how we can affect this is through nutrigenomics, how we can use bioactive components of nutrition in food to “turn” on or off certain genes – these genes impacting important processes in the body. This is freaking cool as now we can rule out trial and error and really find out what works for you.

As your DNA is the building block and controller of your cells and all the processes it’s responsible for. The genes that are tested will provide results that give you a clear roadmap of all your cellular pathways and identify the obstacles (the gene variants) that you can combat by choosing the right car (what nutrients or lifestyle interventions are specific to your gene set) to drive over or around those obstacles.

How does it work? A quick and easy cheek swab sample is sent to our preferred genetic laboratory where certain researched genes are analysed. These genes are “low penetrance genes” – which means you can have an effect on their outcome. So let’s say some of your genetic results indicate that you’re at higher risk for certain cancers…. it doesn’t mean you’re going to get cancer. This means that you have are at higher risk BUT there are the dietary interventions and lifestyle changes you can implement today to ensure prevention.

Nutrigenetics is being used around the world as a forward thinking tool to give you the insights on what you can do to significantly optimise your health and prevent disease!

I’m sure you have a lot of questions about this super interesting new technology – so fire away.

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