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What to expect in this process includes the following:

Initial Consultation (1hr):

  • The first consultation reviews your current and previous health.
  • An explanation will be given on what to expect from the genetic tests, and together we’ll identify your nutrition and health goals, and which genetic test is required, and your health professional requirements.
  • The genetic tests cover the areas of weight management, disease prevention, health management, sports performance, and drug response.
  • These tests are done with a cheek swab kit can be done on-site (at MunchWize’s practice) or taken home and couriered to the laboratory.

Interpretation consultation (1hr):

  • Feedback session on the results
  • Your genetic results take about two weeks to be sent back from the laboratory; upon return your practitioner will make an appointment with you.
  • During this session a complete and detailed discussion of your results will be addressed – developing your personalised diet, lifestyle and medical recommendations.

Implementation of results (1hr):

  • An appointment will be set up to discuss your personalised meal plan and practical implementation according to your genetic results
(Note: Laboratory costs for DNA testing separate)